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Infinite Gratitude

To the Main actors of this blessing (as there are many more)

Everyone volunteered their time out of dedication and engagement, so to all the contributors without whom this project wouldn’t have begun.

Her Excellency President Sahle-Work Zewde, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia whose words inspired the birth of this organization and re-enforced my engagement.

Yohannes Tewoldeberhan, Senior Advisor at Office of the President of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, whose sharing of research documents educated me.


The determined construction team:

  • Grace and Frederic Nasrollah Nasrinfar, two hardworking partners, for their trust and support from the scratch they are the foundation that structure and protect the work.
  • Anne Robert-Strebel, the back bone of this non-profit for the endless hours of work and full-hearted support. For all the great meals and nourishing exchanges.
  • Linda Farley for being a light bearing super moderator of our first international conference.
  • Fabio lo Presti for encouraging, caring and provoking the website idea, and Christopher Harper for his care.
  • Lou Temlett, the brave-hearted miracle worker for the gestation and giving birth to the creation of this website with a new logo and everything else in record time with all our demands integrated.

The Uplifting Consultants:
Jasmuheen, a true heart and energy lifting sister who encouraged continuously and trusted even before ANDELAY begun. Lydie Rappaport, an inspiring and amazing rock of a person for any project, an endless source of courage and clarity Charlotte Metcalf, for decades of relentless activism for women in Africa, an Inspiring friend. A living proof that impossible does not exit, one feels stronger with Charlotte. Professor Alexander Lazslo a realigning presence, an oasis that recharges and validates for spaciousness on the journey. A gift to all paths. Fatoumata Diawara, a true sister, a great example of empowerment and a loyal friend in all times.A singer with a mission to empower too.

The Foundation Holders:
The project encouraging family starting by my mother Hadia Gondji and my aunt Zouleka Gondji, My brother Amir Abdi, my cousins Leila Bello and Tiya Adem, my children’s godfather Gilles Viallard, all of you, for your endless love and patience.

Last but not least my soul and heart partner Dr Louis Robert, a protector, without whom this journey wouldn’t have been possible.

The Beyond Words Team:
Dr Jean-François Masson – Dominique Gaucher – Martine Aubineau – Christine Bodemer-Skandalis – Mahmat Touré – Léo Lascurette – David Roche – Dominique Tau Ileleya – Shelly Siskind – Ato Habte – Sandrine Lebournot.

The Inspiration Amplifiers
Oumi Sissako and Maisha Sissako, my goddesses, my daughters, who make my heart grow endlessly, and all the children for whom we wish to co-create a better world.

Infinite gratitude in every breath for all whom I have crossed path with.

Together everything is possible.

Thank you,

Maji-da Abdi
President of Association ANDELAY

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